1. What is in RAVISSENT and why is it superior to similar breast enhancement products on the market?
RAVISSENT is a blend of pure herbal extracts. The majority of our ingredients are extracts, typically extracts are 4-10 times more potent than whole herbs, thus making RAVISSENT more effective for breast enhancement than other products on the market. Please visit our ingredients page for more information.
2. How long do I take RAVISSENT?
Most women develop their maximum breast growth within 4-6 months. On average, most women grow 1-2 full cup sizes. It is best to take the pills consecutively without breaks. It is impossible to predict how long each woman will need to take RAVISSENT because everyone responds to the herbs at different rates. Also, individual metabolism and body chemistry affect rate of breast growth as well. We recommend starting with at least a 3 month supply which costs $119.99.
3.Do I have to continually take RAVISSENT to keep the size breasts I want?
No, once you achieve your desired breast size, typically within 4-6 months, you may stop taking RAVISSENT and your breast size will be permanent. Your breast size will only change over time the same way natural breasts are affected by weight fluctuations, pregnancy, etc.
4. Are there any side effects from taking RAVISSENT?
Yes, and most are all positive! RAVISSENT breast enhancement supplements help to regulate female hormones, which helps alleviate many female reproductive problems...including PMS and menopause symptoms! RAVISSENT supplements have also been known to work as an aphrodisiac.
Other known side effects include:
Some women may feel temporary soreness in the breasts similar to original breast development. However, there are no known damaging side effects. It is a completely safe and natural alternative to breast augmentation surgery.
5. How do I take RAVISSENT?
Each bottle contains 90 capsules. The dosage is 3 capsules per day. It is best to take each pill with a meal or snack for better absorption and to avoid stomach upset. It is best to take each pill spaced out throughout the day. RAVISSENT should not be ingested along with carbonated or caffeinated drinks (wait at least 1/2 hour). More than 20 ounces of caffeinated beverages per day may inhibit the effectiveness of breast enlargement and breast enhancement.
6. Can I take RAVISSENT if I am pregnant or nursing?
NO! Do not use RAVISSENT if you are pregnant or nursing.
7. How old should I be to use RAVISSENT pills?
We recommend being at least 18 years old before taking RAVISSENT. Your body doesn't stop developing until the ages of 18-21. You will not receive the full benefits of the product until your body is finished with natural development.
8. Can I take RAVISSENT if I am on birth control or other medications?
Yes, there are no known negative side effects from using RAVISSENT with birth control. Please check with your doctor if you have any diseases or if you are taking any other prescription medications. It is safe to take RAVISSENT with a multivitamin.
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